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3 Styling Mistakes That Devalue Your Look

3 Styling Mistakes That Devalue Your Look

Imagine the scene: wake up late, get out of the shower, open the closet, see a lot of clothes inside, but immediately have the feeling that there is nothing to wear. Is it familiar? So maybe you don’t need more clothes, but new combinations.

We often associate clothes with certain looks and we don’t take advantage of the versatility of each piece. When this happens, we are limited to the basic combinations and we don’t optimize the wardrobe – does it make sense to you? The truth is that most people play it safe making combinations already made by someone and are afraid to take risks and express their own aesthetic.

What if I told you that fashion has never been so democratic and that there are practically no more rules for dressing? Never has the end consumer dictated so many trends and had as much freedom of style as today – there are thousands of #ootd images from bloggers around the world that won’t let me lie. The coveted freedom of expression in fashion has finally been achieved. Now, we have to use it in favor of ourselves, right?

Although there are almost no more rules, there is common sense and visual aesthetics – ok, more subjective than ever – but that is still what attracts the eye and praise in a coordinate. Even though there are hundreds of styles (we’re not talking about trends) and people can express themselves in the most unusual ways possible, the elegant will always be elegant. If this style is more your genre, then beware of these 3 styling mistakes that impoverish and disfavor your look:

Branding has recently become a trend – still on the rise, even – but unless you are sponsored by a brand and get paid for it, please don’t go out dressed up like a walking billboard. Use good brands, but opt ​​for pieces without logos, especially when it comes to clothing. Some people think it’s chic to pay to advertise, but believe me, the effect is precisely the opposite…

All “combined”
Anything that has a forced effect sounds a bit “fake”. If that’s not the image you want to convey of yourself, don’t try so hard when it comes to dressing. The bag (or suitcase) will no longer match the shoe; The earring no longer needs to match the bracelet; And so on… The look doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be all right. In an age of such attitude, this couldn’t sound more old-fashioned.

Avoid the obvious
When you’ve finished getting ready and are ready to go out, put yourself in front of the mirror and see if you can’t take something off – Coco Chanel would say. Wise advice. However, when there’s nothing left to take away, ask yourself: isn’t it too obvious? Could it be that if you changed the shoe, or the purse, or the coat, wouldn’t it make the look more interesting? Take a shot. Put more of your personality into your look. If you’re definitely not a “boring” person why does your style have to be?!

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