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Minimalist wardrobe in six steps

Minimalist Wardrobe In Six Steps

After so many must-haves and it-pieces, you’ve probably realized that having a trendy closet isn’t easy or sustainable, and maybe you’re even wondering if it’s really necessary. We definitely don’t need to buy a new piece every week or every month to have something to wear all year long. After all, style isn’t about trend. It’s about essence. Your essence. Your style should reflect who you are and not what they want you to be.

If we reflect a little, we quickly conclude that, as much as we are encouraged to buy and even buy new pieces, we often repeat those that best represent us, leaving others completely forgotten in the closet. To avoid this waste (and all that it generates), a minimalist wardrobe could be the solution. And when I say minimalist I don’t suggest that it is necessarily a capsule. A capsule wardrobe might be the goal, but at this point I would advise that before reducing so sharply, we focus on the deceleration process, as this in itself is challenging enough – especially if conscious consumption is a new concept for you.

Well, if everything you’ve read so far makes sense, then it’s a sign that we’re in tune. And since the theory sounds really good, then it’s time to put it into practice. Let’s go together?!

1- Find your why
The first step is to analyze your goals and focus on why you want to create a capsule wardrobe. It could be because you want to define your personal style; or because you want to engage in ethical fashion; or maybe because you no longer want to waste money and want to end your fast-fashion addiction; Does not matter. Whatever the reason, keep it in mind as you reorganize your wardrobe. This will be very helpful.

2 – Define your style
Once you’ve figured out your why, now’s the time to look at your current style. Start by separating 3 or 4 of your favorite pieces from your wardrobe. Why do you like using these pieces? Note what they have in common like colors, cuts or fabrics and make a note. Now, do the same with less-used pieces, wondering why you don’t use them, and write them down.

If after this it is still not clear what your style is, then try shooting your look before leaving home for two weeks. At the end of each day, think about what you did and how your clothes felt that day. This exercise will help you understand what you really like and use.

3 – Find out what your dream style is
Once you have a clear picture of your current style, you can start planning your next wardrobe. With the help of a timer, write as many words as you can to portray your style in 3 minutes. After that time, circle the 3 words that best represent you.

That done, think about the colors you like to use and choose a color scheme. Remember that opting for neutrals is always the best option, as they are timeless and versatile, they easily combine with accessories and make-up, thus creating different looks, optimizing the wardrobe. Here it’s worth spending some time looking for inspiration and creating a moodboard based on the style of people you admire. If you have difficulty, you can ask a stylist for help… =)

4 – Know your lifestyle
Before putting together your minimalist wardrobe, it’s helpful to consider your lifestyle and any events you might have. Estimate how much time you spend at work, at home, at the gym, at events and even walking the dog. This will help you get a clear picture of how you spend your time. The idea is for your wardrobe to reflect this.

5 – Create your wardrobe
Now is the time to start putting together the final pieces for your minimalist wardrobe. Think about your dream style and lifestyle and choose your key pieces. These pieces will form the basis of your new wardrobe. Now create about 3 or 4 looks using these pieces.

At this point, you can identify the gaps in your current wardrobe. Write down the missing pieces, ranking them in high or low priority. Save the list, but don’t buy it yet. Wait a few weeks and come back to this list. If you still believe there are gaps, then it’s time to go shopping.

Enjoy and also write what you definitely don’t need. These are the ones that appear repeatedly in your closet or that you have purchased and are unable to use. Write them down to remind yourself not to make the same mistake.

6 – Shopping time
Before leaving, go back to step one and remember why you decided to do all this – I said it would be useful, huh?! With the answer in mind, set your priorities before you go shopping again. The world of ethical fashion is passionate and irresistible, so it will make your life a lot easier if you choose where to focus to start your journey.

Once your priorities are established, your shopping trip will be easier, lighter and guilty-free. However, even so, before buying a new outfit, question yourself. And always question yourself. After all, the most sustainable piece you can own is the one that already exists.

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